Sand images

Sand can be used as material for the production of sand pictures, it need to be colored in different colours. For the sand colouring is good to use ordinary colors for textiles.

We need: Sand free of stones and dirt, colors for textiles in various shades, KORFIX glue, paper for the draft, glass clip frame, colorless varnish, brushes for applying varnish, fibre-tips, skewers, dish for the sand coloration.


1 First of all, draft your idea on the paper (the same size as the glass), and think how it will look like in colors.

2 According to the necessary number of colors we prepare bowl with a clean dry sand and into each put colouring powder.

3 Spray sand with hot water so that the sand is perfectly wet, but doesn´t swim.

4 Sand with the color mix thoroughly. Coloured sand leave to dry.

5 According to the draft glueing individual parts of the image by KORFIX and grit them by colored sand. Excess sand flake back into the bowl.

6 Even slightly press sand by fingers on the glass and correct any mistakes. Blurred contours can be modified using the skewer.

7 Fix the finished picture by colorless varnish.

8 Under the glass, which is covered with sand throughout, put a white or colored paper - according to the nature of image - and carton, attaching by metallic clips, which hang the picture on the wall. If the glass is covered with sand throughout, put under glass only carton and fixed clips.

KORES TIP: We can create an image without sand coloring, if we have different colored natural sand. Coloured sand can also be purchased at stores.

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