Artistic drawings using Kores pencils

Vienna, 20th May 2011 - Do you ever feel like there’s an artist in you, waiting to be awakened by the opportunity to fully express your true nature? Are you just waiting for the right moment to be prompted by someone or something? Of course works of art cannot be rushed, but practice can only help. Drawing can begin anytime, anywhere - all you need is a quality pencil, sketchbook and the right inspiration, which is why Kores is glad to assist both beginner and advanced artists.

Drawing with graphite pencils is easy, but using Kores technology allows you to create beautiful portraits, still-lifes or landscapes. Different pencils can be used in many different ways, depending on the hardness of the graphite. Soft pencils (usually labelled B) create vibrant, strong and velvety tones, while the harder ones (H, HB) are better suited to sketching quick, sharp lines.

There are many ways to create different effects with the most common and effective methods being crosshatching and shading. Kores Grafitos (HB), which come in both hexagonal and triangular shapes, are perfect for hatching - shading an area with intersecting sets of parallel lines. The more lines there are, the darker the image. Shading is achieved by lighting the object. You have to determine where the light is coming from so you know where the object will cast a shadow and then use the natural movement of your wrist or forearm to the give the object shape.

Another popular technique is tracing, especially popular among young children. Once the outline has been traced, kids can crosshatch the rest of the drawing. Our Triangular Graphite Pencil Jumbo is perfect for them as it is extra thick, thus easily fitting into their small hands. It is also shorter and lighter, making it easier to draw with.

Try the basic techniques yourself and you will see how fun it can be to make a living painting out of a simple drawing - it’s just a couple of nifty moves with a pencil.

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