Spring picture

We need:

carton, coloured papers, KORES gluestick, scissors, ruler, pencil, skewer.


1 Draft the cross, which divides the paper to 4 equally large parts.

2 Stick strips of paper over the drafted lines, which will form the various parts.

3 Stick strips of color paper, which later turn to create one frame.

4 Glue one of the four parts on the whole area and stick on it coloured paper in the same size. After pasting all four parts leave glue dry.

5 Cut 5 mm wide strips of different colored paper.

6 Reel each piece of paper on a skewer to build a small spiral.

7 Apply KORES glue in the approximate size of created spirals on the paper.

8 Carefully press the spirals into to glued areas and hold them for a while.

9 Stick spirals to the desired shape. Nice is a mosaic, which can cover the entire area.

KORES TIP: From the spirals can be shaped not only flowers, but also the trees, butterflies or the entire landscapes.

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