The Kores Wooden Scooter wins the Corwell Expo 2011 Product Excellence Award

Our eco-friendly dry correction tape takes first prize.

At the 2011 Corwell Expo, the Kores Wooden Scooter won the prestigious Corwell Expo 2011 Award for Product Excellence. This award was presented to Eva Kanai and Alexander Peschel at the recently concluded trade fair in Hungary. Mr. Peschel said the prize "rewarded all the hard work, research and development that went into designing the Wooden Scooter. It really is a great product and the first of its kind." 

The Wooden Scooter is a dry correction tape whose casing is made from 100% liquid wood, making it biodegradable and safe for the environment. 

For more information on our Wooden Scooter see:

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